Fotona 4D

Fotona4D® is a unique anti-ageing treatment.  It is administered in 4 stages, each acting at a different depth of the epidermis and dermis.  The 4D treatment mode brings stunning effects on the face, neck, and decolletage.  Its uniqueness is due to combination of the neodymium-yag and erbium-yag laser which acts on the outer and inner skin layers.  Each mode can be administered as a separate procedure.


Stage I - EndoLifting®

This is the sole treatment in the anti-ageing service market which is performed from inside the mouth.  The area operated on comprises the cheeks and lips.  The procedure results in controlled muscle contraction.  The ultimate outcome is the attained proper tension which saves the proper oval of the face.  The laser also affects the fibres being the building material of the skin.  It boosts the production of collagen fibres.  With its thermally-based working principle, EndoLifting® effectively shallows nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and wrinkles around the lips.  You can take the treatment at any time of the year.  It is safe and painless.  You can resume your daily activities instantly.


Stage II - FRAC3@

At this stage, the laser eliminates any skin defects.  It works at different skin depths.  Acting intuitively, it removes any lesions such as capillaries, stains, harmful sebaceous glands.  The sites with healthy skin are not absorbed by the laser beam.  The treatment restores the skin to its quality, improves its tone, and boosts the production of new collagen fibres.  The procedure is absolutely safe and painless.  You can resume your daily activities instantly.  The treatment can be taken only in the autumn and winter.


Stage III - PIANO@

The treatment comes down to skin thermolifting; its characteristic feature is that the produced impulses are very long and last a second.  The PIANO@ mode enables bringing the skin to the temperature of 42 °C, which triggers contraction of the collagen fibres and forces the dermal cells to produce new collagen and elastin.  The procedure guarantees spectacular effects of firm and improved-quality skin, lifted folds, lifted oval of the face, shallowed wrinkles.  The treatment is painless and safe, and you can instantly resume your daily activities.


Stage IV - SupErfacial™

The mode is reserved for laser peel.  Thanks to cold ablation, the flaking of the epidermis is minimal.  The process ensures smoothening of the skin structure. The attained skin tone is uniform.  Visibility of scars and discolorations is reduced.  The skin looks radiant and firm.  During the procedure you may have a subtle burning sensation, which is necessary to achieve the best possible results.  The skin may flake off after several days.




●      Wrinkles

●      Flaccid skin

●      Disproportions in the skin structure

●      Stains

●      Folds

●      Porous skin

●      Lost skin firmness

●      Couperose skin

●      Erythema

●      Age scars



●      Skin burns

●      Steroid therapy (cream, tablets)

●      Retinoid therapy

●      Diseases involving blood clotting disorder

●      Autoimmune diseases

●      Skin diseases

●      Viral infections: HIV, viral hepatitis

●      Epilepsy

●      Cancer diseases

●      Pacemaker

●      Pregnancy and breast feeding


Post-treatment recommendations

●      Do not apply creams containing alcohol

●      Do not apply peels

●      Do not use retinol

●      Avoid touching the treated area

●      Use creams with the highest UV protection – SPF 50

●      Do not sunbathe for a month following the treatment

●      Do not do intense sports for 2 weeks

●      Do not go to sauna or swimming pool for 2 weeks

●      Make sure you drink a lot of water


Skin reaction following the treatment

For about 2 weeks the skin will be visibly reddened.  For more than 2 months, the skin will flake off. You should make sure your skin is properly moisturised by applying cosmetics recommended by the person who performed the procedure.  Final results of the treatment will be visible after 1-6 months.


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